To pursue a modern bedroom decorating ideas, you should embrace clean lines, unique furnishings, and minimal use of bold choices for maximum impact. The majority of your bedroom will be unobtrusive and humble so that vibrant accents or art pieces take center stage. Therefore, you are designing your bedroom around that single strong choice, be it a painting, a particular color, or a piece of furniture.

If red is your favorite color and you want that to take center stage, then you may want to choose all white or all slate for your furniture and bedding with a few spare accents of red, like a deep red area rug on the floor, or red armchair, or red ceiling. The bold use of color in a spare background will update your bedroom in a beautiful and memorable way.

Or you could choose a striking, artful piece of furniture as your basis of design. For instance, perhaps you’ve fallen in love with a magnificent, large, blue chandelier. Hang that in the center of the living space beyond your bed and dress your bedroom in neutral tones with spare blue accents, perhaps a blue pillow or a blue lamp.

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