TESA Marker Board is a board, which is being manufactured by special coating from Germany. Erasable felt tip marker pens could be used to write on it. It has considerable high strength & stiffness as we adopt high quality (10 head sanded) MDF panel, melamine impregnated paper and Ultra Violet (UV) and other special paints as base materials. Our advanced equipment and technology processes these raw materials to result in a mirror like white marker board.

Outstanding characteristics:

  • High glossy surface
  • High Scratch Resistance & Long Life.
  • Anti-aging panels with resistance to color fading.
  • Bright and vide panels with natural white color.
  • Manufactured with special paints and technology that makes it non- reactive with the chemical of marker board pen ink. Due to its non-reactive action with ink chemical, it guaranteed the clarity of board after erasing the written matter.
  • The TESA marker boards are very easy to clean with a soft cloth and leave no mark after the erasing. Tip of the marker pen remain safe, as the surface is soft and good for writing.

  • Product Range & Specification:

    Size :     8ft (2400mm) x 4ft (1220mm)
    Std. Thickness :     8mm*
    Color :     Semi Gloss
    Base Subsequent :     MDF

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