Greentrends AAC Wall Panels

Autoclaved Aerated light weight concrete (AAC) panels-though largely new to India, is not a new building materials. Developed in Sweden in the 1920s in response to increasing demands on timber supplies AAC is a light weight manufactured building stone. Comprised of all natural raw materials viz., Cement, Quick lime and Silica sand. AAC is used in a wide range of commercial, Industrial and Residential applications.

AAC Panels is easy to use and can be cut and manipulated with normal wood-working tools. With Cement, Lime, Silica Sand as raw materials, adopting two-way and welded steel reinforcement mesh(reinforcing bar) processed by special anti-rust liquid, produced in high temperature, high pressure and steam curing, with the minimum shrinkage ratio in the inorganic materials, caulked with special polymer binders, which can effectively prevent cracking. It’s a kind of porous silicate plate of high performance and has many incomparable performances of good fire-resistance, fire prevention, sound insulation, heat insulation, thermal insulation etc.

AAC Panel can be used directly in internal wall of concrete structures and steel structures, such as in hotels, Schools, offices, market places and Houses etc. Using AAC internal panels can effectively increase the usable area of a building, and reduce energy consumption. Without using structure columns, beams and other auxiliary components, it can reduce the wall load, there by reduce the cost of the building.

  • Width : 600 mm
  • Length : 2400-3000 mm
  • Thickness of 075 – 200 mm/25mm interval.
  • High thermal insulation: protects against the cold and heat
  • Saves air conditioning costs and energy consumption
  • Up to 4 hours of fire endurance (direct exposure)
  • Flexural strength
  • Superior sound absorption and earthquake resistance properties.
  • Commercial/industrial
  • Mid and High Rise Building
  • Dormitories and Barracks
  • Living Assistance

We also offer our esteemed clientele a wide range of AAC Panels. Our AAC panel range include reinforced wall panels and floor panels. For reinforced panels, a welded steel cage element is placed in to the moulds prior to pouring in the slurry. Once the slurry is poured in, the mixture begins to foam and rise up completely around the reinforcing cage. Once the AAC are completely integrated and ready to be placed into the autoclave for the curing process.

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