Company Profile

Arathi Itech panels aspires to be Kerala’s most reliable supplier of technologically advanced Imported Brixwel AAC Light weight Blocks, Panels, Solid Interlock Flyash Bricks, Nature Gypsum Plaster, Concrete Spacer and other advanced construction materials. The Brixwel AAC Bricks users in a new era of quality and innovative products for the construction industry. Light weight AAC bricks is largely being used in both external and internal walls, and is considered highly efficient for basement walls, framed structures and load bearing structures.

Why Brixwel?

In Brixwel, we specialize in the production AAC light weight Block featuring excellent insulation properties and high compressive strength, low density figures and environment-friendly virtue. We envision a greener future for our society with sustainable infrastructure solutions

We are able to provide specialist advice and service on all aspects of creating wonderful interiors for your home, apartment complex, Office..etc... We have the following products...

• AAC Blocks • AAC Wall Panels • MDF/ HDHMR
• Gypsum Powder • Interior Designing • Gypsum Plastering
• Wooden Flooring • Modern Bedroom Set • Modular Kitchen
• HDF Based Door • Marker Boards

Why Green Building?

Any Building that demands less energy, causes less damage to environment, can conserve water or was made using recycled or energy efficient material should be considered as a Green Building.

Fly ash bricks are one of the major building material used for Green Building. Not only do fly ash bricks solve the problem of disposal of this byproduct from power industry but the use of fly ash bricks keeps the building cooler because they allow only about 40% of the heat of a conventional brick structure.

Govt. of India ( ministry of Environment & Forest ) has issued notification for restricting the use of top soil for construction activities and instead to use Fly ash bricks, and AAC Blocks.

About Us

The Group has remained committed to values such as integrity, quality & innovation. As a company, 'Arathi' and its associated labels have become synonymous with excellence, value-for-money and the consumers' unshakeable trust.


Quality & innovation as brand

What's New?

With increased impetus on Economic Growth the pressures on Infrastructural demand of alternative panels like Particle Boards in the housing & the furniture sectors besides the rapid growth in the IT Sector, Action Group with the TESA Range of Particle Boards aims at meeting this increased demand with product variants that addresses the unique needs of the modern customer.